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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Bit Boss Battles That Took FOREVER To Finish

Bit Boss Battles That Took FOREVER To Finish

Bit Boss Battles That Took FOREVER To Finish

The length of a boss fight doesn't Bit Boss Battles necessarily determine how good or bad it is but when one takes its time it's hard not to notice hi folks it's falcon and today on game ranks ten of the longest boss fights in video games starting!

Number #10 is the final boss from a source wrath new bosses and action games usually go down pretty quick these games are paced much faster than a lot of other types of games but if you factor in the cutscenes which Bursar's wrath you're basically part of the gameplay then this guy can take nearly an hour to beat masters wrath is basically entirely about spectacle it's.

A crazy as hell game it starts out over the top and it just it never stops building in to totally nuts the final boss chakravartin shoots at you with lasers that destroy multiple planets at a time and it's bigger than a galaxy bigger than a galaxy I said you fight a lot of gods in videos this guy really really pleased up the omnipotent being part there's.

Not really much more to say about this guy outside of the spectacle it's just a really long fight with a lot of different stages by the end it's it's almost abstract he's pulling all these fourth wall breaking tricks like giving you false inputs for a QTE sequences which by the way is a real dick move but as far as cinematic battles going video games it's gotta be one of the longest at.

Number #9 is king K rool from Donkey Kong 64 Donkey Kong 64 isn't remembered quite as finely as other rare platformers from the Nintendo 64 but it's not for a litany of reasons but rather one reason that basically extends itself to the entire can it's a really tedious game you could describe a lot of different parts of this game Bit Boss Battles,

As very tedious and that pretty much perfectly describes the final boss King K rool rare has never been a stranger to long final bosses the gruntilda fights from both banjo-kazooie games they were also pretty long but K rool goes on much longer he has five different forms and of course no checkpoints.

With his final form being the most annoying and requires you to price Li time and charge up a punch to properly get a hit in so if you fail that part and on your first try you most likely will you start the battle from the beginning now it's not the longest fight you're ever going to fight in a video game but it does feel like at,

Number #8 is the end from Metal Gear Solid 3 now this is one where they warn you upfront they say this is gonna be a grueling sniper duel and it's not a joke warning it's it's the real deal your first time fighting this guy can easily take an hour of your time what makes this fight so difficult and long is that it basically.

Forces you to be really careful you never really know where the guy is hiding in the multiarea jungle you fight him in the only way to find him is to carefully observe the environment,

and find clues so you're looking for ruffled grass or a little shine from his sniper scope if he sees you before you can do anything to him he'll hit you with a tranq dart run off and hide again that's really what makes this a battle of attrition he doesn't even really try to kill you he

Just knocks you out and keeps forcing you to restart if you're not careful he's such a pain that the game actually gives you multiple ways to completely bypass the fight for instance you can kill him earlier in the story.

Bit Boss Battles Or you can wait for him to die of old age or even just change your console clock in fact when most people talk about doing this boss battle what they're usually actually talking about is how not to do this boss battle people do like skipping it and,

Number #7 is crucial adora from monster hunter world Monster Hunter games are all about long battles these long battles always occur with giant monsters so there's lots of scale sometimes lots of scales if it's reptilian in nature but we feel like Kassala de Oro deserves special mention for not just being a hunt that takes a long time but one that feels even longer than it actually is what makes this elder dragon take so much longer to fight is its use of wind it likes to fly up into the air and generate these enormous tornados that linger on the.

Battlefield for minutes at a time you get close to a tornado you get thrown around at times this guy will have multiple tornadoes on the battlefield and it makes it nearly impossible to get close to it so you basically just have to wait like the tornados disappear eventually and you have to wait for that and on top of that at half health it'll generate a wind shield around itself that stuns you when you get too close.

To it so basically being a melee fighter at all for this fight really sucks thankfully it does have a big weakness flash pods you can use flash pods to just knock him right out of the sky but if you're fighting a tempered Kassala which is basically just a souped-up version that gives you better loot then guess what it'll gain an immunity if you flash it four times so you're basically screwed monster fights these games usually really long but against the Kahala Dora they're just tedious the Bit Boss Battles,

Number #6 is duke Sidious the invincible from Borderlands to borderlands games love their raid bosses sure the first game didn't actually get won until the add-on the secret armory of general Knoxx but that guy chrome racks the invincible he must have been pretty popular.

Because they really went all in on raid bosses in the sequel all of these guys are pretty tough but the worst of them all is deck Sidious the invincible this dudes an overpowered stalker that at least in true vault hunter mode has as far as we can tell the most health of any enemy in the whole game clocking in at more than 13 billion.

HP this guy's unique in a few ways outside of having a ton of health I mean it's the only raid boss you fight outside of a special arena and then you fight this guy in the main map of sir hammerlock's big game on third add-on also instead of spending the usual twenty eridium you normally have to spend to fight a rape boss you haven't spent around 90 to 99 to get,

This thing to appear last it's damage resistant on a pretty high level to say the least and it takes reduced damage from pretty much every element to weapons so if you want to take this guy on you need some kind of ammo regenerating ability or a weapon that will do that as well cuz you're gonna run out also he's

Way faster than he looks nice Pitt sees Forbes that you have these huge splash damage ranges with they pretty much can kill you in one hit so this guy's just an all-around painting as it takes forever and Bit Boss Battles.

Number #5 is Overlord ballroom Disgaea d2 the final challenge at the end of pretty much every Disgaea game the incredible anime and very bizarre strategy RPG series is the Overlord ball these games are basically entirely about getting your stats to insane knowers but the stats on this guy are just I mean ludicrous he's got over a hundred billion HP a hundred billion.

There's a possibility he has over 400 billion those numbers don't mean anything at that point that's silly these are obviously stats that go way over the normal limit of 99 million 999,999 with level 999 items equipped on him and we're just saying number is to sound absurd at this point right combine that with some of his crazy abilities he deploys like being able to attack or people the second they're

Summoned getting super high evasion on his third form and summoning copies of himself you've got an all-around pain in the ass of a boss and.

Number #4 is Yi's met from final fantasy 12 which is by the way a pretty unique entry in the Final Fantasy series not just because of its more MMO based battle system and unusual setting but it's also unique literally just because of this guy basically he's a final challenge of the game he's the final hunt that only becomes available after completing almost all the other hunts he's got a million HP which doesn't

Sound too bad compared to some of the stuff we've seen on this list but here's the thing he's got 50 health bars that's over 50 million HP like you take him down a million and whoa hey there goes that health bar it's another one in the original release of Final Fantasy 12 this guy would take often up to 12 hours to kill which is totally insane especially for a single-player.

Game and he can be a real asshole too at this point in the game you're likely to be using the renew spell to fully heal your party and when you use Matt's almost-dead will pull a trick and cast reflect on your party so if you're automatically healing using renew unless you plan for it or think fast you're gonna end up casting renew on a party member who's

Been reflected and the spell gets deflected off them and instead heals easement fully near the end of an already insanely long battle at,
Number #3 is Nick's avatar from persona 3 the final boss from this mythology mixing RPG has a killers row of annoying boss features that make it one of the most long and frustrating bosses around it's.

Long on its own having 14 different forms which basically amount to changing elemental weaknesses but remember in the original version persona 3 on ps2 you could not directly control your party members so if they did dump stuff the fight would just drag on even longer and they did dumb stuff a lot like a lot worst of all in its final format cast Charma and random party members if it charms your healer there's a pretty good chance they'll.

Cast a full health spell and completely restore the boss's HP so to call it frustrating would be an understatement this wasn't rare this happened to me it sucks I just gave up and reset it like No and.

Number #2 is you girl is zero from Xenoblade Chronicles X this is a weird one because it's possible this monstrosity can take upwards of a week more to take down but you might only spend minutes fighting it this truly enormous monster is a nemesis basically a super boss in santa plate Chronicles X and you can only fight it during a squad mission which has fairly short time Bit Boss Battles.

Limits how it works is that everyone has to work together to take this big thing down and you're only able to do a tiny fraction of damage to its total HP at any given time which can be over a trillion might I add before the mission.

Ends and the damage you did is sent to the server then the next person comes along as scratch is off a little bit more damage and so on and so on as the game gets older it's becoming harder and harder to take the guy down because fewer people are even attempting it it's not the most traditional boss but we thought it kind of bears mentioning for just how long can take to beat even if you aren't necessarily the one who's there the whole time and finally at.

Number #1 is absolute virtue from Final Fantasy 11 okay so you know how mmo's like world of warcraft work right one of their most unique and defining features is the raid boss basically a giant monster that takes a ton of people working in coordination to beat it it's basically a thing that can only happen in a big persistent world.

And yeah there's a lot of nasty ones out there but at least in our opinion probably the worst of all of them is absolute virtue though it doesn't really look like much it's nasty trust us you want to know how long this fight is some linked shells which are basically guilds like another name mmo's have taken over 30 hours.

Fighting him and not beaten him so what makes this dude take so long to fight well first he's got a lot of HP a hundred thousand which is in this game a lot second he has auto regen which is 500 HP a tick in comparison,

If you have Auto regen you get healed one HP a tick two HP if you've got Auto regen - but here's the worst part he's got a Bit Boss Battles spell called benediction that he can use and Wow does it restore a ton of health.

And when we say a ton we mean like half of its health bar and he can do it more than once just imagine fighting this thing for thirty hours straight and suddenly cast a spell and hey most of his health is back if not all of it because he doesn't.

Spell more than once sounds like a lot of fun right seriously this guy was so hard and took so long to beat that even after three years no one was able to beat it legitimately at least by the developer's definition of legitimate and they finally ended up toning it down along with one other boss called the pandemonium.

Warden because of a news story that spread about how people were legitimately getting sick and passing out while fighting these things still even now after they've toned it down it's probably one of the most insane long boss fights in the history of boss fights what do you think leave.

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